The Lightworkers Myth

My friend and fellow fantasy writer Kacy Ritter is the woman behind The Lightworkers Myth, a gripping YA novel-in-the-works that weaves together truths about human nature against the backdrop of a magical society beset by corruption within and uprisings without. I’m glad to be helping her as a beta reader and can’t wait to see it in hardback.


Iridisa is a 17-year old oracle who’s lost her powers. Thessar is a mischievous thief from the wrong side of the mist. Caron is the knife-wielding daughter of alcoholics. Despite their differences, they’re all growing up in a land of rival cultures and oppressed faeries.

After training for years to become a prophet, Iridisa’s initiation ceremony is destroyed by a prank gone horribly wrong. Suddenly, she’s no longer able to make contact with spirits, heal the sick, or conjure light—and in her magical hierarchy, that has dangerous implications. Desperate to recover her abilities, Iridisa takes off on a high-stakes quest for answers. But she won’t be able to find them on her own. Whether she likes it or not, she’ll have to rely on Thessar Falen as she navigates a dark forest filled with hidden fae. Avoiding the wrath of the local uprising won’t be easy. Befriending an outcast like Caron Barble might be even harder.

Set in a rich world of faerie lore and moral ambiguity, The Lightworkers Myth is a twisting tale of friendship, magic, and rebellion. This novel is ideal for fans of Holly Black’s Modern Faerie Tales Series, Sarah J. Maas’ A Court of Thorns and Roses, and Leigh Bardugo’s Six of Crows.