Favorite Orgs


The A 21 Campaign

The human trafficking organization as far as I’m concerned. They regularly help trafficking victims find counseling, shelter, food, and job training. I donate as often as I can.



My friend and former roommate Kate von Achen opened my eyes to fair trade for the first time when she asked me to help her with her apparel company. You’ll like the way you look in aprons, dresses, and earrings produced by women in Northern Uganda—I guarantee it.


Cherie Amie

The fair-trade lingerie company that I co-founded. We sell baby dolls, side-tie panties, teddies, and the comfiest boxers you’ll ever wear, and use 100 percent of our net profits to fund microloans for women worldwide.


Chiapas International

Tricia Bridges, my good friend and an award-winning nonprofit leader, oversaw Chiapas International for several years. Although it ended by fulfilling its mission a few years ago, she poured her passion and energy into financing small loans for women entrepreneurs in Latin America, bringing many borrowers out of poverty in the process. I’m very proud of her and my volunteer efforts in support of Chiapas International.


Soap Hope

My friend Salah Boukadoum started this one-of-a-kind soap and bath products company, which uses 100 percent of its net profits to fund micro-loans for women around the world. This is what inspired Cherie Amie.