The Art of the Big Lie

The Art of the Big Lie: Political Cartoons About the Fight for America’s Soul

By Ryan Schuette

34 pages | 6 x 0.08 x 9 inches | $9.99

ISBN-13: 9798784307354

From AmazonA coup attempt by a dangerous demagogue. An entire political party, covering up for him and lying shamelessly to discredit elections in the world’s oldest democracy. How did we get here?

The Art of the Big Lie shows how. Drawing from his career in Washington, D.C., PBS-recognized journalist and NPR cartoonist Ryan Schuette walks the reader through episodes of Republican demagoguery that led to America’s crisis. This illustrated retrospective captures the lowest points—and tinny optimism—of a careening political culture that ignored a decade’s worth of warning signs and allowed fascists to take power in the United States.