Radio & Video

Here’s what I’ve done as a video storyteller and news analyst for radio. I’ve also thrown in some infographics. For more, email me at ryan-dot-marc-dot-schuette-at-gmail.

Documentary Shorts


I filmed this short documentary about the tens of thousands of unaccompanied minors that have fled gang violence and poverty in Central America for the United States.

White House Salsa

I went by the White House to film another story, and wound up coming across a casino salsa group rollicking on Pennsylvania Avenue.

Vestiges of War

Army officials buried lethal chemical weapons like mustard gas around D.C. nearly a full century ago, and authorities are still digging them up. I filmed around the White House, American University, and a demolished house to document their efforts.

Cooking with Love

I shot a video about one chef’s experience with D.C. Central Kitchen, a critically acclaimed social enterprise in the nation’s capital.

Kicking RFPs Off Balconies in Syria

American University law school student Yasmeen Hussain discusses what it's like to have roots in war-torn Syria.

News Analysis

YoAndrew News Talk Show, BlogTalkRadio, WBLQ AM 1230

I shared my analysis about the seminal 2014 midterm elections with host Andrew Giordano.


This is a series I created about the financial crisis and what followed (or didn’t) from the government.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3